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Radio Wave Surgical Unit

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Radio Wave Surgical Unit

Electrical impedance of biological tissue decreases with increasing frequency of the electric field applied to it. This is mostly because the tissue cell membranes are poor conductors and are preventing electrical field from penetrating inside the tissue cells.

Tissue Permittivity And Resistivity

At lower frequencies resistive component of cell membrane is dominant; at higher frequencies cell membrane gets capacitively coupled effectively short-circuiting cell membrane resistance, allowing electrical field to penetrate inside the cell structure. Therefore, effective tissue permittivity and resistivity is much lower at higher frequencies; this is exactly what happens at 4MHz frequency of RWSU Expert device.


RWSU Expert device, when activated, delivers RF energy, induced by RF electrical field, to the tissue; at 4MHz instead of just passing through the intercellular space and cell membranes, energy passes through the whole cell structure too. As a result, RF energy is administered more gently and more evenly through the tissue structures creating desired effect (cut or coagulation) at the active electrode site, more efficiently than those effects on the tissue created by “conventional” electrosurgical devices.


Radio Wave Surgical Unit

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